[Foundation-l] In defence of Google

Anthony wikilegal at inbox.org
Sun Jan 21 12:26:22 UTC 2007

On 1/21/07, Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have read enough to learn why Google is getting the opposition to its
> program. I agree with that opposition. However, you will also have read
> that Bruster Kahle acknowledges that his project is very much a reaction
> to the Google project. The opposition that exists is not unlikely to
> have Google to reconsider its position. When we consider Google a
> friend, we can as a friend discuss these issues. When we consider Google
> an enemy, we will not even try to engage in a conversation.
When we consider them a corporation trying to make a buck, and not a
friend or an enemy, we are best positioned to engage in that
conversation.  By all means this world we live in rewards those who
form symbiotic relationships.  If I ever referred to Google as the
enemy, then I admit I was wrong for that.

> I object to see enemies everywhere, I prefer to see friends that have a
> different outlook, friends that may be convinced to consider an other
> approach. I think this approach is more productive.
I prefer to see corporations as corporations, entities that are bound
by law not to have friends or enemies but only to consider what is in
the best interest of their shareholders in terms of making the most
money (in terms of for-profit US corporations, anyway).  By all means
I think we should recognize that corporations do change their
approaches.  But that has nothing to do with them being a friend and
everything to do with it being in the best interests of both of us to
do, whatever.

I'd love to see Google do a complete 180 on its relationship with the
open content movement.  Do you see any way they could do that without
destroying their entire business?  For now I think it's enough that
they don't actively try to harm Wikipedia and other open content sites
by biasing their search results against them.  So thank you Google.
Thanks for not destroying us.  We love you.


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