[Foundation-l] Board meeting in Rotterdam later this week

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Fri Jan 19 19:19:04 UTC 2007

geni wrote:

>On 1/19/07, effe iets anders <effeietsanders at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Not true. *if* we would allow NC, I bet it will be possible to persue a lot
>>of institutions to give their images, paintings, texts etc away under the
>>NC. So it does have a huge potential, also for pictures with on the short
>>term no free equivalent. But that is not what this discussion should be
>>about imho. I dont think we should be talking about what images we would
>>like to use, i think we should talk about what we are *allowed* (legally) to
>Anything until the foundation gets the takedown notice however that
>approach is unhelpful.
Yes, except that I don't see it as unhelpful.  At the same time I do not 
believe that we should be posting indisputably protected random material 
for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from those we already know 
will react adversely.  That would be a wilfull violation.

Talking about the images that we want is the path to talking about what 
is allowed.  If we don't want the image in the first place it doesn't 
matter if it's allowed.  Talking about what is allowed in an empirical 
vacuum is a clear path to unrealistic answers.

>>*If* it would be allowed by all those, it is time for us as community or
>>maybe as every community by itself, to choose what licenses we *want* to
>>use, taking into account what the possible consequenses are and what the
>>costs to our ideals are.
>The foundation has rejected that position in the past. no reason to
>think they will do otherwise in future.
>You know I've seen complaints that the foundation pays to much
>attention to en at the expense of other projects. Now I hope you see
>the other side of that.
Adopting a common license as a basis to build from is a sensible 
decision.  (Wikinews already uses a different licence from everyone 
else.)  I think that this still allows projects some variation in how 
the licence will be interpreted.  In dealing with fair use, AFAIK the 
licences themselves are silent on the matter.  Any kind of dominance on 
the Board has its downside, whether it's dominance of a language (like 
English), or political entity (like the United States or the European 


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