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Not true. *if* we would allow NC, I bet it will be possible to persue a lot
of institutions to give their images, paintings, texts etc away under the
NC. So it does have a huge potential, also for pictures with on the short
term no free equivalent. But that is not what this discussion should be
about imho. I dont think we should be talking about what images we would
like to use, i think we should talk about what we are *allowed* (legally) to
use. And as I said already quite a while before, that is mostly a case for
license-experts, copyright-experts, the foundation and their willingness to
face a potential sue, and maybe as well the free software foundtaion, the
writer of the GNU Free Documentation License.
*If* it would be allowed by all those, it is time for us as community or
maybe as every community by itself, to choose what licenses we *want* to
use, taking into account what the possible consequenses are and what the
costs to our ideals are.
The first is more a fact, that we have to find out, and let some people do
research to, the second is more an opinion. For the first I would suggest to
ask experts to find this out, to ask the foundation to take a stand on this
issue, to ask the FSF advice, and see whether it is _allowed_ or not.
For the second question I would suggest to have a more structured and broad
discussion, possibly on meta, where the discussion could be split into
different topics, and the arguments can be collected in a way that one can
keep oversight. Because who exactly is benefitting from this very
discussion? We have very great texts here, but the problem is that probably
only a small group reads this (due to the amount of text) and those in this
group already took a stand, and wont be persuaded anymore. It makes little
sense that way :) Please let someone set up a structured discussion on meta,
so it will be easier to follow, and it will less be making people to quit
foundation-l due to the amount of messages in their inbox (not everybody has
gmail). I myself would prefer first _*at least*_ a guideline of the
foundation, stating what the boundaries are within which we can move.


2007/1/19, geni <geniice op gmail.com>:
> On 1/19/07, rfrangi op libero.it <rfrangi op libero.it> wrote:
> > Same applies to NC images.
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> > Roberto (Snowdog)
> There arew very few NC images for which a free equiv is not posible.
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