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Fri Jan 19 03:57:02 UTC 2007

Delirium wrote:
> teun spaans wrote:
>> So the question is: what do we pursue: the dream of a free content, or a
>> compromise which add some chrome/culture but inhibits the free spreading of
>> knowledge?
> I'm not sure it really inhibits the free spread of knowledge in that 
> case, since a reuser who prefers not to or can't rely on fair use can 
> always distribute the same article with the fair-use pictures 
> removed---this can even be done automatically since we tag them as fair 
> use.  What *would* inhibit free knowledge in this case is if we used a 
> fair-use picture where a free one was available, since in that case we'd 
> be forcing this kind of user to remove a picture when we could've 
> provided one that they could have kept in.
> But if it's a choice between providing no picture at all, and providing 
> a picture that some large subset of users (but not all) can use while 
> the rest can automatically remove it, I don't see why it *hurts* free 
> knowledge to provide the optional image rather than none.

If there's a "good enough" fair use image, there is no incentive to find
a Free replacement.

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