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David Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Wed Jan 17 09:11:53 UTC 2007

Please reexamine what *free* knowledge means in the context of Wikipedia
and the GFDL. Wikipedia's sense of "free" includes other people's
freedom to profit from the work.

Regarding brands, "wiki" is not one. Wiki is a type of technology and
(possibly) a type of community. Wikimedia, Wikipedia, and Wikia are brands.

And before you accuse Wikiseek of being a corrupt commercial preemption
of Wikiasari, you should remember something: not only does Wikiasari
only exist in rumor, it's probably also commercial. Neither Wikiasari
nor Wikiseek is a charitable project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

thomasasta at gmx.net wrote:
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>> I don't understand the critical reaction to Wikiseek. No one here would
>> criticize a new search engine that indexed the whole web *including*
>> Wikipedia, so there's no reason to criticize a search engine that
>> indexes *only* Wikipedia.
> - google does not brand itself wiki
> - google is not doing this before a wiki *open search* launch is done
> - it is a trojaner, as google is behind it with its ads.
> - it shows, that wikimedia needs an own open search engine for wikipedia content and links/web outside.
>> I also don't see how Wikiseek could hurt Wikipedia. If anything, more
>> avenues to Wikipedia will *increase* the number of readers and editors.
> - one is making money from my work, searching hoursly for the best weblinks for the article of "pregnancy"? They are doing money with my free editors work and manual linksearch, either they make the database open or this is a GPL violation.
> - it is a misleading of the brand for wikipedia and for wikia´s wikiasari open search
> - ir opens the hint for google´s bribery of wikipedia, as the advertisements of google finance wikipedia
> - it is a google trojaner in disguise for wikiasari
>> And in the event that Wikiseek is successful, the Foundation might even
>> receive some sizable contributions.
> Totally wrong: we do nto want that money. Wikipedia´s contimbution it the community and not money from the google syndication ads. Google cannot buy the community. This is a hit for corruption.
> and what about the second clone:  http://www.wikiwax.com/
> ????

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