[Foundation-l] Audit update

Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Wed Jan 17 07:40:51 UTC 2007


During the board meeting in Rotterdam, it was decided that the audit 
committee for the coming year would be made of
* Michael (treasurer)
* Oscar
* Dedalus
* myself (ex officio)


We will be working on an audit committee charter. The committee is 
directed to take all steps necessary to prepare quarterly or semi-annual 
reviews (next review is early february), and the next financial year 
external audit. The committee will also work to help implementation of 
some of the suggestions made by the audit firm in november 2006.

You'll notice that one of the audit committee members is Dedalus, who 
contacted us last november when we published the audited financial 
statement, and identified himself as an auditor. We met him last week in 
Rotterdam. I am very happy we'll receive help from a professional, who 
also happens to be a wikipedian.

Thank you

Florence Devouard
Chair of WMF

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