[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Canada mailing list now exists

Nicholas Moreau nicholasmoreau at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 16:28:49 UTC 2007

Hello all,

While Wikimedia Canada has been around in one stage of planning or
another for a while, we've just created a mailing list for discussion.

Why now? I was listening to the archives of Wikipedia Weekly, and
heard Delphine mention us, even though we've been so inactive in
further planning. That, and a regional TV channel is planning a story
on the chapter, even though we don't actually exist yet.

* Where's the list hosted? :

* How can I post? : Once you join, email wikimedia-ca at lists.wikimedia.org

* Is it bilingual? : To be discussed. The Swiss mailing list is
quatrolingual. but let's concentrate on discussing stuff in English
first, as only two members of over 100 are unilingual Francophones.

* What use would I be? : Trust me, anyway you're willing to help with
the chapter, we're willing to listen.

So please, even if you're not too sure what purpose chapters serve,
join the mailing list. There's many benefits that could be reaped if
we get this party started.

Nick Moreau/Zanimum

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