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2007/1/16, teun spaans <teun.spaans at gmail.com>:

> It is absolutely correct that he still would be liable. In theory as
> well as in practice. In practice the chance would also be greater that
> the department of justice would decide to let the matter rest, as
> fairly unimportant, and not worth the trouble. We shouldnt count on
> it, but we can keep in mind that Italians in Italy, probably the bulk
> of editors of the Italian wiki, should obey Italian law.

I don't think liability of authors should be the only reason to do these
things for. There's also the principle of copyleft. If we put material under
GFDL that would violate other people's copyrights when published under
certain non-exceptional circumstances (outside the US or for profit, to name
two that are important for this thread, we may be following the letter of
the GFDL in doing so, but definitely not the spirit of copyleft.

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