[Foundation-l] 1 M dollars on Wikipedia Day (Fundraising... over)

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 08:22:05 UTC 2007

Hello all,

I was too tired yesterday to keep my eyes open and my hands typing, to 
announce the end of our fundraising :-)
Sorry about that (lack of sleep from Rotterdam, baby sick etc...)

So, in a very official fashion, let me announce that the fundrive is over.

The last day of our Fundraising was planned to be on Wikipedia Day (1). 
Which was yesterday. Wikipedia is now starting its 7 year of existence.

Wikipedia Day also was a special milestone, since 1 million dollars 
donation was exactly reached on that specific day. I promise we did not 
tweak the system to make that happen.

The current site notice with the various links can now be removed. We 
suggest a new site notice with a big thank you note to all of our 
donators as well as a link to an updated FAQ. I just saw some updated 
graphics from Jeremy (number of donations per day, total donations per 
day per currency...), which I expect will be very interesting to you.
The FundCom is working on that.

What else ?

Maybe just a few words from the Rotterdam meeting. We worked a lot 
there, but had cool moments as well (including a wikimeet). Not everyone 
is back home yet. So, announcements et al will wait a little bit more.
I just wanted to mention that we discussed the fundraising and more 
generally finances on friday morning.
To optimize our time, we somehow divided areas of interest between board 
members and the members with a focus on the fundraising area are Jimmy, 
Kat and Erik (for the technical side in particular). These three are in 
charge of reporting on the last fundraising, and to suggest any changes 
necessary. It is up to them to organise themselves, but I expect this 
discussion to be largely public, either here, or on meta, or perhaps 
during an irc meeting.

There were huge improvements with last times (in particular the 
technical part), but also serious gaps in communication. We must 
consider all ways we can improve that in the next time.
We also need to improve our strategy, so that we can raise more and more 
quickly the next time.

Note that the "next fundraising date" has not been decided yet.

Meanwhile, fundraising over and thank you all for your help.


(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Day

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