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how should that answer my objections?


On 1/15/07, David Strauss <david at fourkitchens.com> wrote:
> teun spaans wrote:
> >> The biggest error I see here is that people are trying to limit language
> >> versions of Wikipedia so that they comply with the laws of the country
> >> where the language is primarily spoken. But that's fruitless. The
> >> Italian Wikipedia (hosted in Florida) isn't under Italian law just
> >> because it's in Italian. Nor are Italian citizens liable for something
> >> on the Italian Wikipedia just because the page is in Italian.
> >
> > I politely disagree. When the person doing something has the Italian
> > nationality, and the person commits the act from italian territory,
> > and the claiment is italian, an italian judge might well decide to
> > consider the claim, despite the servers being in the us.
> Please read the following two paragraphs from that post; they directly
> address your objection:
> "There seems to be a plausible argument that Italian citizens cannot
> upload normally copyrighted material under the fair use exception. But
> there's a huge difference between what the Italian Wikipedia can host
> and what Italian citizens may post to it.
> "And if you think that you can fix the problem by making the Italian
> Wikipedia have policies that fit within Italian law, what about Italians
> who edit the English or other Wikipedias? They're not suddenly exempt
> from Italian law because they're working in another language."
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