[Foundation-l] Board meeting in Rotterdam later this week

rfrangi at libero.it rfrangi at libero.it
Sat Jan 13 12:14:55 UTC 2007

> Matt wrote:
> Fair use is an important freedom under US law that many on the English
> wikipedia are loath to abandon.  There is always going to be fair use
> in Wikipedia, and we are unlikely to want to eradicate it entirely -
> for one thing, pretty much all language versions of Wikipedia use fair
> use text quotations (or whatever the local legal equivalent is).

Honestly, Fair use is an important freedom, but it's not a licence. NC images are way more free than fair use images (i.e. copyrighted images that you use without asking for permission).

My personal position is that what is true for texts should be true for images and other types of contents. So if WMF pojects  release their texts under GFDL, they should allow only images with GFDL of compatible licenses. For what I can see, asking it.wiki to remove NC images (no matter how gradually) without asking someone else to remove fair use images will only piss off the italian community (And by the way we still think that the removal of images tagged as PD-Italy from Commons has been an abuse).

I think WMF should state clearly which kind of licences are proper for its projects and everything that is not compliant with this should be removed everywhere, quickly. Possibly this will piss off more pepole, but it's the only way out IMHO.

Roberto (Snowdog) 

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