[Foundation-l] Back to basics

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Thu Jan 11 21:08:58 UTC 2007

David Gerard wrote:

>I'm using this message and quoting "It does not say 'share freely
>unless the unfree content is better.'" when removing "fair use" pics
>we have a free replacement for ;-D
I'd say it depends on just how good the replacement it is.  Fair use is 
an integral portion of describing the "sum of human knowledge"---surely 
you wouldn't want to write an encyclopedia in which you could never 
include a single quote from any book ever published?  We could in theory 
paraphrase them all to avoid relying on fair use, but that's often a 
pretty poor replacement.  Fair-use for images is not fundamentally 
different, though the degree and judgment calls are often different.


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