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Ok, but... if en.wiki will remove the fair use images, for us will not be a 
problem remove the not free images. Other thing, some of the images on 
commons are not free in all part of the world, that's a problem, than, also 
de.wiki and other project, are not a good example ^_-.


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On 1/11/07, senpai <wikisenpai a gmail.com> wrote:
> I studied deep and deep the italian legislation about copyright (i work in 
> a
> legal office) and our law it's really hard to pass. The civil law have a
> completely different "modus operandi" by the common law. Other thing... in
> en.wiki u use fair use... but fair use it's not "free" and it's not usable
> in every country.

The English Wikipedia is actually a bad example, when it comes to
copyright, exactly because of the fair use. If you want an example,
see how the Polish or German Wikipedias deal with copyright. No fair
use, no non-commercial images, strictly free content.

It is doable. And worth the effort. But nobody's asking that you do it
*now*. Gradual phasing out of un-free images is fine. But be sure to
work toward that goal.

See Danny's "back to the basics" mail for more on "fair use".

Łukasz 'TOR' Garczewski
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