[Foundation-l] Board meeting in Rotterdam later this week

Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Wed Jan 10 05:34:54 UTC 2007


As mentionned quickly in previous emails, the board is having a meeting 
in Rotterdam friday, saturday and sunday.

There will be as well formal or informal meeetings from today till 
sunday, with professionals, potential partners, or wikipedians; Some of 
us will visit our facility of Amsterdam, or Kennisnet, or our bank in 
Belgium. Consequently, most board members and some foundation employees 
will be hard to talk with on mailing lists or irc this week. We'll be 
back all fresh and full of news next week.

Agenda for this first meeting of the year is very roughly going along 
those lines.

* Budget and finances (friday morning). Essentially reporting on the 
last fundraising. Planification of next fundraising. Brainstorming over 
our "business model" (endowment etc). In short, generally planning the 
financial strategy for the coming year.
* Audit (friday end of afternoon). Planning audit of this financial year 
and implementation of some of the suggestions made by the auditors. 
We'll also meet with Dedalus.
* Legal issues (saturday morning). Planning of the most urgent things to 
deal with, in particular but not restricted to, trademarks, licence 
inforcing, domain names, privacy policy...
* Personnel issues (saturday afternoon). Discussion about all the 
possible job openings for 2007, prioritize and identify/discuss possible 
candidates. Office organization. Staff relationships and roles. 
Volunteers jobs etc...
* Technical summit (sunday).
* Brainstorming on quality (sunday)

These are the biggest bits. There are also other issues, which we may or 
may not discuss according to time availability. Most issues on current 
agenda are in relation to points number 1 and 2 of our general guideline 
for year 2007 (sustainability and quality). I hope sunday in particular 
will be an opportunity to discuss and draft directions for points 3 and 
4 (outreach and recognition by non profit world), to expand further in 
the coming year.

As already mentionned, there is a wikimeet on friday evening as well :-) 
and hopefully many stroopwafels during the time in Rotterdam.

See you next week on this very list for more.

Florence Devouard
Chair Wikimedia Foundation

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