[Foundation-l] Fundraising and site notice

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 17:19:00 UTC 2007

On Sun, 7 Jan 2007, Florence Devouard wrote:

> Second, the fundraiser is not over. It will be over on Wikipedia day. It
> may be that at some point in the coming week, we change the site notice
> to put links to thank donators etc...
> Third, this fundraiser has been the most successful of our history by
> far, until now. When we really think about it, it is fabulous. We can do
> even better in the last week.

This has certainly been a successful fundraiser.  It seems to me that the 
projects can grow quite a bit more and still be sustainable entirely by 
voluntary community donations.

More regular fundraisers will help; the community has been hoping for a 
fundraiser since the late spring. And more targeted messaging could make 
the fundraiser more successful, as a source of funds and as an event 
around which the community can rally and grow.

It would help as the fundraiser ends to have some explicit idea that
we are pushing towards a goal, and a request to help meet that goal.

It would help to have a sitewide notice that acknowledges and supports our
strong open community, saying something like
  "The Wikimedia projects are written and sustained by you, our readers and
   editors. [[How you can help|Help us grow in 2007]]."

(Or s/grow/improve stability/ as the case may be.)


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