[Foundation-l] Mission/Vision Statement

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 17:04:11 UTC 2007

Hoi Teun,
In my honest opinion I have not attacked you personally. What I have 
done off list, and someone who can read Dutch may verify that for me, is 
explain why I come to my conclusion. If you sees this as a personal 
attack, I apologise as I do not have an issue with you

teun spaans schreef:
> I regret your style of discussing: both on Anthony (with whom i
> disagree) and on me your result in personal attacks. Could you please
> refrain from them?
> Or is this attitude customary on wikimedia mailing lists?
> thx
> teun
> On 1/8/07, Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hoi,
>> You make the issue too simple. When I am to be asked if I want
>> advertisements, than the answer is no. When /you /are to be asked do you
>> want response times that are on average 50 seconds, than the answer is
>> likely to be no as well.
>> When you say that billions are spend on adverts, then you hit the
>> jackpot. This is indeed one place where we can find the money to
>> continue the upward trend that we have both in content, in bandwidth, in
>> people using our content/people contributing to our content, in
>> languages and in projects. My problem with your stance is that you
>> provide no credible alternative in the face of a demonstrated need for
>> money. The current budget ignores all the things we could do if we had
>> indeed more money than needed for our immediate requirements.
>> To demonstrate that you can think differently; in a contract for adds,
>> you could specify that organisations can not advertise on their own page
>> and on the page of their competitor. This would wipe away your Micro$oft
>> inspired comment.
>> PS When will you start taking the real issue seriously? The issue is we
>> need MORE money and we will need EVEN MORE money given our growth rate.
>> Thanks,
>>     GerardM
>> teun spaans schreef:
>>> Thx,
>>> Indeed, I'd like to make clear that our vision should encompass both
>>> kinds of "free".
>>> Advertisements are likely to tarnish the strictly neutral image of our
>>> projects. take the example of the Microsoft articles on wikipedia.
>>> Microsoft the company, and articles on their products.
>>> Using the google context ad-aware system, the most logical ads would
>>> be for exactly ... uh, these microsoft products. You cant fool me -
>>> even if the people could easily distinguish articles and ads,
>>> unconsciously they would be influenced.
>>> Waerth en GerardM argued that people ignore ads. If they were right,
>>> companies would no longer spend a dime on ads. But they are spending
>>> billions on them.
>>> teun
>>> On 1/6/07, Anthony <wikilegal at inbox.org> wrote:
>>>> On 1/5/07, Teun Spaans <teun.spaans at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Anthony,
>>>>> what, according to you, is the place to speak up?
>>>> This thread is certainly a good place.  If you think "without
>>>> advertisements" should be added to the mission statement, suggest it.
>>>> It would be interesting to see who, if anyone, objects.
>>>>> I have considered this mailinglist as the place to speak up, anywhere else?

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