[Foundation-l] List of patrollers

Yorian webmaster at compumania.nl
Tue Jan 9 14:57:34 UTC 2007


We on the Dutch Wikipedia have a problem since a month or two: we work 
with the marked as patrolled system and normally this works fine, but 
since a few months there are some anonymous changes who are bad, but are 
marked as patrolled. We don't know what causes this problem, (a vandal, 
an ignorant user, just some mistakes?) but we would like to find it out. 
In order to do that we must know who marked which changes, so it would 
be great if we could see this. In short: we want some sort of "recent 
marked" list and a link in the difference page to the person who marked 
a change. Is this easy to implent in a short time?

Thanks in advance,


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