[Foundation-l] Why is MediaWiki so low-tech?

Gordon Joly gordon.joly at pobox.com
Sun Jan 7 21:21:18 UTC 2007

At 21:37 +0100 7/1/07, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
>Gordon Joly schreef:
>>  At 17:49 +0000 7/1/07, Virgil Ierubino wrote:
>>  .....
>>>  If lack of developers and money is the only problem then why not be more
>>>  WIKI about it?
>>  Money pays for servers. Developers work for nothing.
>You would be surprised how many developers make a living programming and
>maintaining MediaWiki. It is also very much NOT according to the
>philosophy of the Free Software Foundation that programmers should not
>be paid. They are entitled to all the money they can earn.

I meant that the bulk of the Mediawiki code was written by developers 
who were not paid to write Mediawiki code. I assume that they had 
paid employment.

>I would also not want to say that our volunteer developers work for
>nothing.. They work to make a difference, and they do. The thing is
>there are "demands" for all kinds of functionality and much of this does
>not materialise. It does not happen because there are too few
>developers. It happens because they are volunteers too and they do what
>they like to do (and who would blame them?). The big projects that are
>wished for take a LOT of time and it helps a lot when the work can be
>done in a limited timespan as it makes the work more effective and economic.
>So please, there are many big projects that the WMF wants to develop.
>They do not happen because there are no developers. Given the problems
>raising sufficient funds, we are not able to do the things that were
>planned in the way we hoped we were able to.
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