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James Hare messedrocker at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 04:02:02 UTC 2007

I think "patch" mentioned to a garden patch.

"Miracle-Gro on head" reminds me of a website I used to go on...

On 1/6/07, Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:
> Gerard Meijssen wrote:
> >Hoi,
> >I do not know if you observe when people watch watch television, but
> >people go to the toilet when there is an advertisement break. People
> >tape a program and fastforward the ads. The notion that ads provide
> >information is vastly overrated. Advertisements are typically ignored.
> >
> Very few ads are clever enough to keep your attention.  Most are
> trivial, and repeated too often.  As the TV market becomes more
> fragmented, the TV stations are not able to give the advertisers the
> reach that they previously expected.  As the public shifts attention
> from TV to internet the advertisers aremore keen to get into that
> market, but the internet audience is a lot less complacent about
> advertising than the TV audience.
> To an extent some big ISPs probably viewed the net as an opportunity to
> package a service with a product.  There is a whole entertainment
> industry that would love to start creating profit points on the
> internet, but with a public that wants to upload as much (if not more)
> than it downloads the prospects for big profits look bleak unless the
> industry can have its way with net neutrality.  One of the things that
> we and a few other sites like YouTube and MySpace have addressed is a
> desire for the public to participate in the content.  The result is
> every bit as good as what the high-priced production companies could
> produce, and a lot cheaper.  Those who haven't grasped this should get
> ready for the second wave of dot-com failures.
> Our Board needs to be fully aware of where the economics of the Web are
> going in the next few years.  It would be nice to base our planning on
> the real per capita costs of the internet stripped of content production
> costs.
> >There is a website of a friend.. it has Google ads. When I feel good I
> >hit an add knowing that it will benefit my friend. The notion that ads
> >create a conflict of interest is an article of faith, it is not based in
> >how people perceive things in real life. When you are patch is bald, and
> >you want a solution AND you are lazy .. that is when an add helps you to
> >get Miracle-Gro. When you are smart you buy it cheaply in bulk at a
> >local shop and not over the Internet.
> >
> I don't know if I or you is misunderstanding something, but the
> suggestion that bald people could solve their problem by putting
> Miracle-Gro on their scalps is hilarious. :-D
> Ec
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