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Peter van Londen londenp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 21:10:40 UTC 2007

Waerth I would appreciate if you could stay with the subject, which is
alternative funding of Wikimedia projects by a add-driven fanpedia. The
fanpedia was brought up some days ago (and not reoccurring every two weeks).
There are definitely more people than you mention; might not be the most, as
I have written, because most people on nl-wp don't care about how the
projects are being funded. I wished that you had commented on the subject,
in stead of flaming.

I would like some comments about the feasibility of doing such a project. We
give up "add-freeness" for one project so that the other projects can be
funded add-free. Is that compatible with the Mission/Vision? Are there other
points: like for instance legal liabilities as of the probable nature of the
content on a Fanpedia?

Robert Scott Horning: I don't know Wikia, so I don't have any idea of a
fanpedia under the wings of the Wikimedia Foundation would conflict with
Wikia's interests or vice versa. Anyhow by transporting content to Wikia
does not help much with funding of the Wikimedia Foundation, if I understand
that correctly.

SJKlein: any comments why you don't think it is a good idea?

A lot of people involved in Wikipedia don't like adds or even sponsoring if
a sitenotice mentions the name of logo of the sponsor. We could keep
advertising away of the "more-serious" project if we had an add-driven
sisterproject. (It doesn't have to be a fanpedia, it can be a different
project, but fancruft is popular!). It would be a compromise.

Kind regards

2007/1/6, Walter van Kalken <walter op vankalken.net>:
> >
> >The thing is that a lot of people work on the fancruft, imho
> >non-encyclopedian, part of Wikipedia and that is OK. Prison Break is one
> of
> >the most visited articles on dutch Wikipedia. Most nl-Wikipedians are
> uneasy with this kind of articles, which evoluate to a encyclopedia inside
> the wikipedia in itself, and would be happy to move them to a different
> project.
> >
> Most ?????? That is a very bold statement. I would say a minority.
> Currently in the Dutch wikipedia it is only 4 or 5 people who bring this
> up every 2 weeks or so. Including you. That is definately not most
> wikipedians!!!
> Waerth
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