[Foundation-l] alternatives

Gianluigi Gamba gigamb at tin.it
Sat Jan 6 09:05:03 UTC 2007

Anthere ha scritto:
> So... what you suggest is that the Foundation set up a website, 
> primarily constituted of fan-oriented information, with mostly 
> copyrighted images under fair-use doctrine, and put advertisement on 
> this web site, and use the income generated by this mean to support 
> other projects ?
> Errrrr. What do other think of that idea ???
The only trouble I see is in defining where to trace the boundary 
between fan-oriented information and "encyclopedical" information. There 
are borderline cases that the community will have to discuss, but the 
same process is happening now when communities decide whether to keep or 
reject an article.
Which project do all the series of articles dedicated to "the Lord of 
the Rings", as example, might belong?
Certainly, such a project can help the existing ones to fight against 
self-promotion, gossip and various vanities.

How successful can such a project be? If being a Wikimedia-project is 
enough to capture the attention of the many already existing fan 
communities (in and out of Wiki-world), chances are good. But editors 
might dislike the idea of not being allowed to write on the main 
projects about their idols and being directed to what might be perceived 
as a "stepchild" project...

Sorry for not being much clear, it's just aloud thiking.

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