[Foundation-l] Communications issues

Michael Snow wikipedia at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 5 07:31:07 UTC 2007

Gatto Nero wrote:

>> ...if
>> you've been subscribed to this list, and truly have no memory of reading
>> communications about the Foundation's issues, I really can't help you
>> with that.
> Maybe you can't help me, but you should be worried about it.
> "Receiving" is one of the most important element of the communication.
> It *is* the most important element.
> A communication which's not received, is a communication which has
> failed. If theres' no receveing, there's no communication. There's one
> of the first things learned by a communicator.
> What you should do is wondering "Why has he not memories of CommComm
> comunication at all?"

I agree that listening and receiving communication is important to the 
process. I'm not wondering why you have no memory of hearing 
specifically from the Communications Committee - as I indicated, it 
hasn't exactly "signed" everything it has input on. I am wondering why 
you spoke as if you'd never seen any kind of communication from the 
Wikimedia Foundation at all. Considering that Anthere, Brad, Jimbo, and 
Erik have all been actively involved in raising and discussing issues on 
this list, I don't know whether you've missed that entirely, or you're 
looking for Wikimedia's communications to take some other form we 
haven't dreamed up yet.

--Michael Snow

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