[Foundation-l] Awards show hate us

James Hare messedrocker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 20:27:13 UTC 2007


It's the anti-free content conspiracy cabal led by Bill Gates and his Army
of Overpriciteers!

(parody disclaimer for the unbelievably daft)

On 1/3/07, Nicholas Moreau <nicholasmoreau at gmail.com> wrote:
> We may be the 9th most viewed site in the US.
> We may be the second Google result for about 90% of their winners.
> But the Academy Awards, SAG Awards, and Golden Globes all rejected us from
> their red carpets. Getting free photos of A-list celebrities is not as
> easy
> as it should be.
> In the forms, I honestly stated that we had a Rolling Stone photographer
> on
> the docket to take pics, who incidentally was fine with working for us for
> free.
> Either that means Rolling Stone isn't as legendary a publication as it
> makes
> itself out to be, or they don't trust us, or they don't want free content
> images released, as that would peave off the WireImages of the world.
> Just so everyone knows,
> Nick
> PS : Any British photographers on this list? I'm going to be trying for
> some
> of those award shows soon.
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