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On 2/23/07, Casey Brown <cbrown1023 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Is your point that we should remove all "fair use images", causing the
> articles to be without an image making someone donate a free one?
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> Subject: [Foundation-l] a new free image!
> Today we got a nice new image on the English Wikipedia--see [[Dennis
> Johnson]], a star of the NBA, who died recently. The image has a story, and
> the
> story has a moral. I want to tell it.
> The creator is an established sports photographer who has worked for the
> professional as a photographer. He is also one of the many thousands of
> uknown (to us) fans of Wikipedia who visit teh site regularly. When Johnson
> died,
> he went to the article, and noticed there was no picture, so he decided to
> donate one that he took. He called the office to ask how to do it.
> After speaking with him briefly, I realized that we have a potential
> treasure trove of FREE images here, which he was willing and eager to share
> with  us,
> from the NBA and many other areas. I asked Greg Maxwell to speak with him
> about licensing, and the rest is history. He selected an image and released
> it
> under the GFDL license. Hopefully, there will be more to come.
> As for the moral of the story: we were missing an image, and someone
> decided
> to release one of his own--a high quality professional image at that. As
> for
> now, I can only wonder at the argument that we keep fairuse images until we
> find free ones. The fact that we did not have an image encouraged someone to
> "fix the problem" and provide a free one. There will likely be many more to
> come.
> So, I just want to say thank you to the photographer, who understood the
> value in what we are doing, and to Greg Maxwell, for spending time with him
> and
> explaining the free license philosophy. And I also want to thank all the
> contributors who did NOT rush to post a fairuse image. Because of that, a
> magnificent image is now free.
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The point is that fair use only applies when no free replacement can
be obtained. Yet rushing to post a fair use without first actually
trying to find some free image, discourages finding out it later

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