[Foundation-l] The Communist Vandal Trashed the Dine (Navajo) Wikipedia

Mark Williamson node.ue at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 15:18:52 UTC 2007

>why was his block length shortened to 19 days?

19 _fortnights_. That's equivalent to 266 days. I had thought a
permanent block was too harsh, but I did not know it was an interwiki
vandal with such an illustrious history. When Jeff re-blocked him, I
left it that way, although that didn't stop Jeff from hurling a
barrage of less-than-good-will at me. In fact, he blocked me recently
for "legal threats", apparently not realizing that admins are capable
of unblocking themselves.

Regarding so-called "spaming links", the link was a "contact us"
mailto link to my personal e-mail. Similar arrangements have been used
in the past on the Chinese and Romanian Wikipedias.

Since Jeffrey clearly felt there was a problem with this, I moved it
off the site notice onto a "Contact Us" page, where it was listed as
one of 3 contact options (the other two being the local Community
Portal and Wikipedia-l). Considering how long my e-mail was there
prior to the arrival of Jeffrey, and the fact that I received several
e-mails regarding the site but no complaints about the presence of the
e-mail address, I'm not sure exactly what the problem is.

Jeffrey proceeded to remove the e-mail from that page, again accusing
me of "linkspamming" (which, although I told him it offended me that
he accused me of "linkspamming", he has repeated several times).

He said that that was against foundation policy. I asked him to cite
the appropriate policy, but rather than citing any sort of policy, he
accused me of legal threats (unrealted to this matter, from a separate
conversation), again called me a spammer, and blocked me for 12

He seems to also be accusing me of holding back the nv.wp from making
any sort of progress, while he claims to have several native speakers
on hand, and yet neither he nor they have contributed any articles.


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