[Foundation-l] One week later and I am still blocked, nobody is doing a fucking thing

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 10:33:37 UTC 2007

geni schreef:
> On 2/18/07, Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net> wrote:
>> As you can see the Dutch mods have done NOTHING, ZERO, NADA. And people
>> here say I have NO reason to be angry!
>> I have written over a 1000 articles to the wikipedia and now I am not
>> able to edit them. I am raging in anger.
>> Here is a screenshot I took today:
>> http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/8069/stillblocked1cv4.jpg
>> Sofar for EVERYONE can edit. I am not even a vandal. And people tell me
>> to calm down. It has been TWO WEEKS now! And NO FUCKING BODY is doing
>> anything at all.
>> Fuck everyone with their stupid advices about being nice. I am leaving.
>> Fuck the board for putting this stupid block all proxies in effect and
>> refusing to do anything.
>> Waerth
> You haven't told us the IP so there isn't really every much that can
> be done about it
Waerth chooses to be rude and disruptive to the extend that he literally 
wishes that all Dutch mods are to drop dead. I am glad that I will 
survive this ordeal by not being a Dutch Wikipedia moderator... Given 
that Waerth is his own worst enemy and given that he states that he is 
leaving, I wish he does. He may be back if he wants to, but I wish for 
the nl.wikipedia community that when he does come back, it will be with 
a modified attitude.

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