[Foundation-l] One week later and I am still blocked, nobody is doing a fucking thing

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Sun Feb 18 08:37:05 UTC 2007

As you can see the Dutch mods have done NOTHING, ZERO, NADA. And people 
here say I have NO reason to be angry!

I have written over a 1000 articles to the wikipedia and now I am not 
able to edit them. I am raging in anger.

Here is a screenshot I took today:


Sofar for EVERYONE can edit. I am not even a vandal. And people tell me 
to calm down. It has been TWO WEEKS now! And NO FUCKING BODY is doing 
anything at all.

Fuck everyone with their stupid advices about being nice. I am leaving.

Fuck the board for putting this stupid block all proxies in effect and 
refusing to do anything.


>>Hi Walter,
>>I would like to ask you to donate at least 10% of your efforts which
>>are usually spent on this list by you to convince the Thailand
>>government or the Thai ISPs to fix their internet access so we might
>>be able to ban "just the right people" in the future. 10% should be
>>more than enough to convince them.
>If i correctly geussed what's happening:
>a) Thai ISPs put their users under transparent proxies.
>b) A nl admin regularly blocks them as "open proxy"
>a1) If the ISP proxy provides X-Fordwarded-For: header, talk with Tim 
>Starling to add them to the XFF list.
>a2) Convince the ISP to remove the Proxy (almost imposible).
>b) No admin should block "open proxys" unless he confirms they're open 
>Trick: Accesing via 
>https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/nl/wiki/Hoofdpagina will probably 
>bypass transparent proxys.
>I have found myself several times blocked on en.wikipedia due of being 
>behind a proxy. Sometimes it was there were previous vandalism by other 
>users. Others, it was alledged an "Open Proxy", either without reason or 
>pointing to a proxy-list page.
>Astounishing, as neither the admin or the page mainteiners could have 
>checked that proxy (maybe the lists were done by listing visitors behind 
>I sent several mails stating this, and asking for a lesser block (some 
>were infinite hard blocks!). Well, i had no answer about this matter 
>(could be unblocked without answering, however).
>Worse, my ISP doesn't provide means for stating if a given ip is one of 
>their proxys or not. If an ip vandalised a page and -being accused of 
>doing it- a checkuser showed that i had used that ip, i'd have no way to 
>prove that ip being a transparent proxy, and not my personal ip. I'd 
>probably be blocked forever. :(
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