[Foundation-l] The Chinese New Year Wikipedia Logo

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 02:15:33 UTC 2007

As I said, "I know that some people are not favorable to festive logo" 
(and I have seen the issue being discussed many times already -- jeee, I 
feel old saying this)

Łukasz Garczewski wrote:

== Community vs no community ==
> www.google.com is a great site, but there is no community behind it.
> It displays custom logos to say 'Look! We're alive too! The logo has
> changed! We celebrate Christmas/New Year." Most major portals do that
> for the same reason -- to look more human.
> We DO NOT need that. We are a living, thriving community. And the
> community doesn't have to be reminded that it's [insert your favourite
> holiday], does it?

But still... it happens !

'cause we are humans ;-)

ant (running away before the wave hits her)

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