[Foundation-l] The Chinese New Year Wikipedia Logo

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Fri Feb 16 23:16:10 UTC 2007

Anthere wrote:

>I know that some people are not favorable to festive logo.
>I personally love festive logos and if the Chinese community is happy
>with it, it is great.
>Happy New Year !
>PS: we know that this will be the new year because our supermarkets are
>putting asian food everywhere to celebrate it. That's a good marketing
We look forward to the richness that the pig will bring into the new
year. We have a very big immigrant population from China in the
Vancouver area, so we hear a lot about the Chinese New Year, and how the
pig is viewed very favorably in Chinese culture. It is too bad that
China is restricting the use of advertising that uses pigs in order to
satisfy certain minorities.

I agree that special logos can bring a smile to the user. I've noticed
over the years that Google sometimes uses festive logos for a day or
two. Has anyone considered a similar programme.


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