[Foundation-l] How to edit wikipedia when stupid mods block all Thai ip addresses

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Wed Feb 14 09:24:12 UTC 2007

Walter van Kalken wrote:
> I am getting extremely impatient with RonaldB he seems to have a fetish 
> for blocking Thai IP addresses on the Dutch wikipedia and he doesn't 
> answerd emails send to him. I cannot even edit when I am logged in, not 
> from a friends computer which uses a different provider. Is it the 
> wikimedia foundations goal to block me??
> The last two weeks I have found the IP adresses of my provider 
> constantly blocked, pre-emptively by RonaldB without any sign of 
> vandalism by those IP adresses. Wikipedia can be editted by anyone? Not 
> by me!

The first time this happened, we fixed it by listing the True Internet
proxies in the trusted XFF list. True Internet have since expanded their
proxy list. A polite request to the devs to update the list would have
seen this problem fixed immediately. However, Waerth is apparently not
capable of polite requests, he only knows screaming and yelling, and I had
no desire whatsoever to put myself in the path of his tirade. But I think
this has gone on long enough. I'm going to list the extra proxies, polite
request or no.

True Internet appear to have secured their proxies properly now, denying
requests that come from outside their network. So adding them to the list
is no longer any kind of security risk for us. In time, they may even be
removed from the open proxy lists that sysops like RonaldB use as a source.

-- Tim Starling

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