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Jon Harald Søby jhsoby at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 09:12:24 UTC 2007

On 2/13/07, Thomas Dalton <thomas.dalton at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The discussions on this mailing list are very interesting, but over 200
> > emails about one single subject is a *very very* lot. Lots of people are
> > fleeing from this list due to the number of emails (not everybody has gmail;
> > some people still get all email through pop). I would like to suggest two
> > possible solutions:
> Just switch to the daily digest, that way you only get 1 email a day.

When I used daily digest, I got something like five digests a day,
because it only included 10 emails in each digest, and it didn't
thread in Gmail, so it made discussions even harder to follow.

What I think should be done about Foundation-l is to split it into two
parts: one, called, tada, foundation-l, about _Foundation_ matters,
and one called wikimedia-l, about _community_ matters. The way it is
today the two are mixed, even though they have quite little to do with
eachother (well, the issues discussed don't; of course the Foundation
itself has a lot to do with the community).

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