[Foundation-l] structure

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Tue Feb 13 00:02:10 UTC 2007

effe iets anders schreef:
 > 1: Leave foundation-l as it is, but start as well a
announcements-list for
> the foundation, where important announcements (like the hire of new
> personnel, a new project etc) can be included, and sent to the foundation-l
> automaticly too. It should include automaticly a link to the thread on
> foundation-l in the online archives, so people can read the discussion if
> they are interested. This announcementslist should be moderated, and only
> used for announcements and notices that a discussion will be started on the
> foundation-l (the discussionlist). This would make the important stuff
> easier to follow. Disadvantage: people have to find the list again all over.

It is not exactly the same but I see similarity's between your idea and
this old attempt;


The idea was also to have a low-traffic list to announce certain things
so that it was not hidden between the many other posts and lists. And
also to do the discussion on an other list then the announcement list.

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