[Foundation-l] precisions about the recent WMF "fair use" decision

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 09:07:24 UTC 2007

Alphax (Wikipedia email) schreef:
> geni wrote:
>> On 2/11/07, David Strauss <david at fourkitchens.com> wrote:
>>> Not only do I agree, but I believe a similar issue surrounds fair use.
>>> Accusations of U.S. centrism are indefensible when they're based on
>>> restrictive laws in non-U.S. countries.
>>> Now, that doesn't mean there aren't practical advantages to
>>> accommodating other countries' needs, but the lack of doing so is hardly
>>> "U.S. centrism."
>> The problem with that is the logical end point of that position is the
>> move the foundation and servers to Iran.
> We'd have to remove all the images of people.
To me, this sounds like a complete absurd assertion.. what do you base 
THAT on ?

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