[Foundation-l] Cherokee Language Classes Offered to Support Cherokee Wikipedia

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 21:56:38 UTC 2007

I think you are doing absolutely wonderful work. It think this is an 
exemplary project.. It is a project that deserves emulation

Jeffrey V. Merkey schreef:
> I am setting up an on-line Cherokee Language class that describes the 
> structure, syntax, and methods for converting English articles into the 
> Cherokee Language to open up the Cherokee Wikipedia to more interested 
> editors.  I have received numerous requests from other Wikipedia editors 
> and admins on creating such a  class.  Since the rules of Wikipedia 
> prohibit using the Wiki's themselves for such content, I will host the 
> classes, tests, and instruction lessons on wikigadugi.org.
> I am faced with two possible paths to make the Cherokee Wikipedia 
> successful.   Be a big fish in a small pond, or try to make the pond 
> bigger by raising all ships at the same time.  I am choosing the later 
> approach and will try to instill competence in the language with 
> interested editors.   There are a lot of Cherokee people who have 
> varying degrees of competence in the language, and the solution is to 
> instill greater awareness in the language and teach and transfer the 
> knowledge to others. 
> The basic tools for machine assisted translation are also completed.  We 
> now have a version of squid that translates all browsed web content into 
> the Cherokee Language.  I will be enabling this translating proxy at 
> wikigadugi to allow editors to assist in translating content for the 
> Cherokee Wikipedia.  I will have materials completed and online sometime 
> in March, and will begin the classes.  To sign up for classes, create an 
> account on the Cherokee Wikipedia and I will post a page there for class 
> signup for those interested in learning to speak and write in Cherokee.
> Wado
> donada gohvi.
> Jeff

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