[Foundation-l] precisions about the recent WMF "fair use" decision

David Monniaux David.Monniaux at free.fr
Thu Feb 8 23:04:41 UTC 2007

Geni said:
> >/ To me, these include, among others://
/>/ * military operations and hardware
> US military photos and trade fairs. Also various open days. About the
> only think you won't get is NK stuff such as Ch'onma-ho

So, only US hardware and activities. So much for NPOV. (There are tons of interesting things
that you won't see unless you're in operations. Trade fairs will show only small arms.)

>/ * spacecraft
> NASA for a lot of stuff and countries tend to put a lot of their space
> hardware on display

NASA => only US

You've therefore made the point that our current policies favor the broadcasting of the
activities of the US government. So much for NPOV. :-)

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