[Foundation-l] Clearing up Wikimedia's media licensing policies

David Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Thu Feb 8 12:42:52 UTC 2007

Yes, but I would want to see the ND license *and* the old fair-use 
rationale side-by-side for the image.

non-free and fair-use >= non-free or fair-use

ND and fair-use >= ND or fair-use

(I really wish I had the resolve to shut up until the board considers 
this issue.)

Andre Engels wrote:
> 2007/2/8, David Strauss <david at fourkitchens.com>:
>>> And what about ND images? If there is an image that is fair use on a
>> page,
>>> and the rationale is strong enough to allow me to use it, then surely I
>>> would be allowed to use an ND image at the same place.
>> Yes, because fair use is tangential to licensing. If you have a good
>> fair-use rationale for an image, then you may use it under fair use.
>> Having the additional option of a no-derivatives license does not
>> infringe on that right.
> Sorry, I don't think I made my point clear. What I meant was:
> "If there is a Wikipedia page with a fair use image, and the presence of
> that fair use image is (because of a strong enough fair use rationale) no
> impedence to further copying of the Wikipedia page, then having an ND image
> instead of the fair use one would definitely not be an impedence. Yet
> including the image as fair use is allowed, but including the ND image is
> not.

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