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Brion Vibber brion at pobox.com
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Anthere wrote:
> Second, Mark, Brion etc... pretty much manage their own business between 
> themselves well. By large, Tim reports to Brion right now, and all is well.
> Third, Brion is not a report man... he is Brion. On the tech side, the 
> most urgent things we can be facing in the next three months really, are 
> much more related to hardware, hosting, network, insurance, contracts... 
> in large part Mark realm (along with JeLuF, Domas, Rob etc...). Mark and 
> Jan-Bart know each other, they can even meet pretty easily (dutch people 
> are infesting the Foundation right now). I guess it would make no sense 
> to add any type of layer or intermediaries between them (ie, Brion). I 
> presume that a lot of their interactions will also be directly with Carolyn.
> In any cases, they seem to be happy, and as long as it works...

To summarize the tech situation:

* In theory I'm the lead, but we're a small team and generally operate
internally by consensus agreement. In reality I'm lead programmer far
more than I'm "CTO".

I happily defer to Mark or others on network & hardware issues where
they know better, and we have little need for a strict reporting
hierarchy at this time.

* We're going through Carolyn for operations issues (arranging any
necessary purchase orders, ensuring that bills are paid,
contracts/insurance dealt with etc)

Note that I'll be working from the main office from next month.

* Jan-Bart is our Board contact if and when needed.

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