[Foundation-l] Trademark violation and domain squatting

Luiz Augusto lugusto at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 15:39:11 UTC 2007

I tryed in the past to send messages related to squatting domain names to
the ORTS system (info at wikimedia.org) but I never received a reply. Now this
is also a trademark violation denunce.

Someone registered the domain names wikipedia.com.br [1],
wikimedia.com.br[2] and
wikipedia.wiki.br [3]. And now, someone has registered a trademark name
"Wikipédia Distribuição de Conteúdo Ltda" [4].

[1] - https://registro.br/cgi-bin/nicbr/whois?qr=wikipedia.com.br

[2] - https://registro.br/cgi-bin/nicbr/whois?qr=wikimedia.com.br

[3] - https://registro.br/cgi-bin/nicbr/whois?qr=wikipedia.wiki.br

[4] - "Wikipédia Distribuição de Conteúdo Ltda" is the owner of

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