[Foundation-l] [Announcement] Executive update

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 08:42:05 UTC 2007

Ashar Voultoiz wrote:
> Florence Devouard wrote:
>>As just announced, the Wikimedia Foundation does not have any executive director any more, until an ED is found (hopefully within 3-4 months). This raises some questions of organisation.
>>To foster efficiency and channel communications, the board has agreed that the following staff members or contractants shall be reporting to the following people. 
>>For all office/administrative issues, staff (Barbara, Danny...) will report to Carolyn
>>Carolyn (operations) will report to Florence
>>Sandy (communication) will report to Florence
>>Brad (legal) will report to Florence
>>Danny (non administrative tasks, eg grants, special projects etc...) will report to Erik
>>Brion/Mark/Tim (tech) will report to Jan-Bart
>>Delphine (chapters) will report to Oscar
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> Hello Florence,
> I am wondering who Danny should report to ? Is it Erik or Carolyn or both ?

Stephen and David are correct. Danny is involved in two very different 
areas. So, for administrative/operations tasks, he reports to Carolyn, 
and for others to Erik. So, both.

> Also, Brion is the Chief Technical Officer, maybe all technical staff 
> should report to him just like administrative staff reports to Carolyn ?

I'll tell you three secrets, just do not repeat them.
First, we are beginning to oil the wheels to find someone to be the new 
CTO in the long run.
Second, Mark, Brion etc... pretty much manage their own business between 
themselves well. By large, Tim reports to Brion right now, and all is well.
Third, Brion is not a report man... he is Brion. On the tech side, the 
most urgent things we can be facing in the next three months really, are 
much more related to hardware, hosting, network, insurance, contracts... 
in large part Mark realm (along with JeLuF, Domas, Rob etc...). Mark and 
Jan-Bart know each other, they can even meet pretty easily (dutch people 
are infesting the Foundation right now). I guess it would make no sense 
to add any type of layer or intermediaries between them (ie, Brion). I 
presume that a lot of their interactions will also be directly with Carolyn.
In any cases, they seem to be happy, and as long as it works...

> cheers,


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