[Foundation-l] Comparison of new user welcome efforts across projects

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 02:04:23 UTC 2007

Roberto Alfonso schreef:
> Just a thought:
> I am member of over 20 different Wikipedias, and while I have no
> problems with English and Spanish, little problem with Japanese, and
> can understand several other languages although not well enough to
> write in them (Italian, Portuguese, French, etc), only very few
> Wikipedias give an "If you don't understand XXXX, see here". I believe
> users from all Wikipedias should group together to create messages for
> every Wikipedia in as many languages as possible, that would really
> help new and existing users, especially with instructions about simple
> common tasks (interwikis, speedy deletion messages, administrator's
> noticeboard, etc).
> Not something we can solve at a "software" level, but at a "community" level.
> RB
There are at least 117 users called GerardM on the Wiktionaries alone. 
The first important function for me is to find where the preferences are 
and change the language of the user interface so that I am at least able 
to navigate the wiki. This is the very minimum that should function for 
all languages. Sadly it does not. This is however very much something 
that with some organisation can be solved.

When a good consistent localisation for all our projects is given 
priority, we would make the incubator the wiki where all the effort of 
localisation is concentrated. This will provide a focus for localisation 
and the updated messages can be distributed from there to all the wikis 
for all the projects. It will also ensure that all languages are part of 
the MediaWiki releases, making MediaWiki even more relevant than it is 
at the moment.


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