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> And you did  not reject it because of your previous commitment to a  
>  waiting period, which was voted on unanimously by the Board just 2 and   a
> half weeks earlier. (Kat voted for six months for Board-->Staff,  but seems 
> have rejected Staff-->Board).
It  wasn't voted on, as a resolution wasn't yet drafted.  "Resolutions
to  be drafted post-meeting on BoardWiki by Erik. [After consultation
with Mike  Godwin, will be drafted as a Bylaws revision.]"

That is exactly what I find worrying. Erik was charged with drafting the  
resolution, yet his delay in doing so seemingly accrued him financial benefit as  
paid staff. Since that is obviously not the case, I am simply trying to 
clarify  the timeline here.
I am also curious as to when Florence, as Chair, was approached by Sue  
regarding Erik's appointment. Since Sue was effectively removing one of the  Board 
members charged with her oversight, it would have behoved her to obtain  
Florence's approval before approaching Erik.

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