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Thank you for posting the board minutes. It was very helpful toward  
understanding the inner workings of the Foundation. 
There are, however, a few things I do not understand and perhaps  you can 
4) Employees elected to the Board 
Brief discussion about whether there should be a waiting period for former  
employees / former Board members interested in running in a Board election or  
becoming part of the staff. 
    *   Jan-Bart, Erik, Frieda, Florence: symmetrical 6 months waiting period 
1. I suppose this was in response to my election bid, shortly after  
resigning. I am curious as to how four board members, including Erik, could  support 
this, and yet Erik could be appointed to a paid position just two months  
later, with no waiting period whatsoever. 
2. It seems that Erik, as a Board member helped to review Sue's  performance 
as a member of the ED Committee. I can only assume that the idea of  
appointing him Deputy Director and the mechanics of obtaining him a work  visa had not 
yet begun. Has he since been replaced on that Committee, and on the  Committee 
to find a Treasurer for the Board?

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