[Foundation-l] A dangerous precedent

Henning Schlottmann h.schlottmann at gmx.net
Sat Dec 29 17:12:12 UTC 2007

Milos Rancic wrote:
> So, let's try analyze a couple of random pages from Volapuk Wikipedia
> and its interwikis:
> 2) Rossana, municipality in Piedmnot, Italy [3]
> - German - bot generated article.

wrong. This article is written (and started) by humans, we don't have 
bot generated content on de-WP.

> 4) Bayeux, a town in France [5]. It seems that this article should be
> fixed on Volapuk.
> - Czech - bot generated article with some extra informations.
> - Danish - possibly bot generated article with a link to Commons.
> - German - possibly bot generated article with a lot of extra
> informations; also very important to me because I saw that it has IPA
> transcription of French (which is necessary for adding articles about
> French places on Serbian Wikipedia).

written by many humans over the time, no bot here.

> So, conclusions are:
> - German Wikipedia also uses bots. Some of those articles on German
> Wikipedia are at the same level of quality. Which implies that
> contributors to German Wikipedia should think firstly about their
> project.

flat wrong. No bots on de-WP.

> - Some of the articles from German Wikipedia were bot generated
> articles which evolved into much better articles. This implies that
> contributors from Greman Wikipedia which denies the same right (of
> evolving articles) to the contributors of other projects are doing
> that only because of their extremely high vanity: it seems that they
> don't want that other projects become at the same level of quality
> like German Wikipedia is.

flat wrong - no bot-generated articles on de-WP. All started by human 
authors, and expanded from there.

Ciao Henning

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