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Is there a rationale behind the number 11?   Is it because 11=10+1 ?
I ask this because, even though in principle, more people should get
more work done, the relationship need not be linear.  And it also
costs more.


On 22/12/2007, Florence Devouard <anthere at anthere.org> wrote:
> The board recently agreed to expand the board up to 11 people.
> Some of the board seats will be up for elections, including mine. I am
> not sure yet how many seats will be available, this will be clarified in
> the following weeks. But it seems clear there will be at least 3 seats.
> I wanted to give you a pre-position on this matter.
> In june 2008, I will complete 4 years on the board, including 1 year and
> a half as chair.
> I stopped working just 2 years ago, immediately before the birth of my
> third child. I now wish to officially be in activity again (meaning:
> working for a salary :-)). A month and a half ago, I registered myself
> as looking for a job (http://www.anpe.fr/) and am every week meeting
> professionals to work on my professional project.
> And to be fair, I am not really sure how compatible it is to manage
> family/WMF/job.
> I also think I may be able to help the projects by continuing my
> activity within Wikimedia France and indicated some time ago, my
> interest for being a candidate at the next board election (january or
> february 08).
> As such, I would be happy to start the discussion as to who would be
> interested/willing joining the board of WMF (as appointed or as
> elected), and who would be potentially interested in the role of chair
> in the future.
> Meanwhile, I go on holidays :-) (good food, good wine, cheers, presents,
> compliments and generally good will and good feelings)
> Cheers
> Ant
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