[Foundation-l] Moderation and this list

luke brandt shojokid at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 18:43:42 UTC 2007

Robert Rohde wrote:
> At some level Foundation-l is a victim of Wikimedia's success.  Long-term
> growth in the brand must inevitably filter into growth in the conversation
> about Wikimedia.  Maybe one can stem that tide for a while by asking for
> restraint, but sooner or later the only real recourse is to restructure the
> conversation.  Whether that restructuring is best accomplished by new
> mailing lists or new technologies, is a difficult question to answer, but
> I'm inclined to believe that mailing lists can't be the answer to
> everything.
> -Robert A. Rohde

Yea, and it would be a pity to throw out the baby with the
bathwater...if contributors are watching their backs, as is suggested,
we might miss out on a *really* insightful post and we would all be the
poorer for it -- luke

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