[Foundation-l] Moderation and this list

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Fri Dec 21 19:38:22 UTC 2007

SJ Klein wrote:

> People are hesitant to moderate because noone wants to censor 
> discussion or prevent people from expressing valid perspectives.  
> This is good. Let's increase /mediation/,

I'm not sure what you mean by mediation.  I'm not a member of 
wikien-l, but foundation-l sure has changed.  In 2004 it saw 
200-300 messages per month.  In 2005-2006 this was 500 messages, a 
high-volume list but still interesting. Now in October and 
November 2007, we've seen 1000 messages per month. The technology 
scales, but people do not.  It's certainly possible to filter out 
a handful of people who comment on everything, but then it's no 
longer the same list.  One could just as well abandon the list.

Or we could introduce a limit of 20 messages per person and month. 
That would force everyone to pick their fights (which is always a 
good advice, but rarely enforced), instead of allowing the list to 
degrade into a chat forum.  Being able to post 20 messages a month 
is not censorship.

Only the following dozen would have been restricted in November:

     97 From: "Thomas Dalton"      -- 3 posts per day
     60 From: "Brian McNeil"       -- 2 posts per day
     55 From: "David Gerard"
     51 From: Anthony
     47 From: GerardM
     36 From: Ray Saintonge
     34 From: geni
     26 From: Florence Devouard
     23 From: "Robert Rohde"
     23 From: Marc Riddell
     21 From: Dan Rosenthal
     21 From: "Andrew Gray"

These were close:

     20 From: Mike Godwin
     19 From: "Casey Brown"
     17 From: Robert Horning
     17 From: "Michael Bimmler"
     17 From: "Erik Moeller"
     13 From: "Brianna Laugher"
     13 From: "Andrew Whitworth"
     11 From: Waerth
     11 From: Johannes Rohr
     11 From: Christiano Moreschi
     10 From: Brian
     10 From: Aphaia

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