[Foundation-l] EDP

Michal Zlatkovsky lahcimit at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 09:53:33 UTC 2007

No, can't be used in our case, as images are not "quotes" (applicable to 
text only) nor "excerpts" (you can't make an except of an image), and no 
definition in 31 b) fits Wikipedia (it's an educational project, not 
scientific, technical or critical).

Told you we thought it through ;)

Michal Zlatkovsky [[m:User:Timichal]]

Brianna Laugher napsal(a):
> I agree, that appears to be the relevant law. My comments to Timichal
> were based on his adamant assertion that there was no Czech equivalent
> to fair use. If he is wrong then naturally my comments won't follow
> any more. :)
> regards
> Brianna
> user:pfctdayelise

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