[Foundation-l] Erik's New Job

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 03:08:56 UTC 2007

> You know when my parents heard about this? Last week. Whether I would
> take this position depended upon a bunch of stuff, including the
> approval of my visa, and there was no point in publicly speculating
> about what I might or might not do when the end result wasn't certain
> at all. I'm all about sharing, but I don't intend to share with
> foundation-l before I talk to my mom & dad. ;-)

That's fair, and I won't push this issue any further since there is no
sense in it. In the future, please please try to keep the information
flowing as much as is possible. Information and communication keeps
morale high, paranoia low, and tempers calm. You know the community as
well as anybody, so you must know the pros and cons of it all.

--Andrew Whitworth

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