[Foundation-l] Czech Wikipedia's EDP and WMF's licensing policy

Nathan Awrich nawrich at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 16:44:25 UTC 2007

Tomos wrote:

> Second, if you ask copyright holder/author's permissions for use, and if
> the images are free-licensed, I see little need for EDP. It is an explicitly
> licensed use of the work, as opposed to use based on provisions on
> limitations and restrictions of copyright defined by the law.

Regarding this - I'm not sure this is technically correct. An explicit
license to Wikipedia to use content for the purposes of publication on
Wikipedia is restrictive to the point that an EDP would absolutely be
required. Content must be free for republication for any reason,
including commercial use (in the absence of an EDP, and even with an
EDP non-free content is only allowed if there is no free alternative).


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