[Foundation-l] Wikipedia and Wikinews

Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Mon Dec 17 23:54:19 UTC 2007

Thomas Dalton wrote:

>Is Wikinews an acceptable source for Wikipedia? The same reasoning
>that stops it appearing on Google News would seem to make it
>inappropriate for Wikipedia too.

It should be - if the article is about a week old. I've probably protected
more pages than anyone else as part of Wikinews' archiving policy. When our
stuff is 7-10 days old it should be fully locked down and no content edits
allowed. With that policy and an open edit history I believe that when an
article gets to the archived state it should be a credible source for
Wikipedia - if not before.

There are a handful of templates on Wikipedia for linking to Wikinews
articles, they serve in a limited way to advertise the existence of the
project, but there is no {{breaking-help-Wikinews}} template to add to
articles that are in the news.

Brian McNeil

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